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  MEMBERS ONLY:  Findability University: Marketing Espionage with Heather Lutze, CSP




Thursday, July 20, 2017


100 PM Ė 430 PM


University of Phoenix, San Diego Campus

9645 Granite Ridge Dr #200

Room 225

San Diego, CA 92123



Limited to the first 25 registrants.

Online registration required. No exceptions or walk-ins.

Bring your laptop (not tablet).

WIFI is available and will be utilized.

Bring your own bottle of water, cup of coffee, etc.


$25. Register by clicking below:


Arenít you sick and tired of seeing your speaking competitors on Page One of search results when youíre not there? 
Itís time for your site to rank high and get found! 
Discover the Intelligence Tools to help you make a dynamic marketing shift.

Heather Lutze, CSP, CEO and Master SEO Trainer will expose industry secrets for proven SEO (search engine optimization) methods perfect for non-techy-types. During this compelling Masterís Level presentation youíll:

  • Gain access to a War Room full of undercover tools that reveal the strategies behind your competitorsí SEO optimization success and how to leverage the data.

  • Find out why your speaking competitors rank high when you donít and how to turn this around fast.

  • Take charge of your Findability now and stop guessing or relying on outsiders with no vested interest. Learn how your company can spike your online rank and gain a radical competitive advantage for more speaking gigs in 2017.

HURRY and REGISTER now we only have room for 25. Bring your laptop!!

Learn more: www.findability.com.


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