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  The 2009 School of Public Speaking

Barbara Sanfilippo (right) greets one of our valued attendees before going on to teach "How to Dynamic Presentation from Scratch". 

Seen behind them, Pt. Loma Nazarene's Skip Rutledge.

Our second speaker, Terry Ross, presenting on "The 'It' Factor...and How to Get It!"
Attendees try out an interactive exercise in the program.
Funny man Russ Stolnak (aka Russ T. Nailz) makes us laugh and walks the line of what we can and can't do on stage...leaving YOU to decide if you can push it as far as he does!
The day's emcee and co-coordinator Jim Dillahunty takes a break (and a photo) with attendee Melanie.
Jim Cathcart, CPAE Hall of Fame speaker, motivates the crowd in how to turn dreams into reality as he did after hearing Earl Nightingale. 
Milo Shapiro of IMPROVentures gives us pointers on how to avoid pitfalls in advance...and then deal gracefully with the ones we just couldn't have prevented.

Attendees play with some of Milo's improv games to gain insight into how improv techniques can help us be better on stage as speakers.

  The ice cream social

From lactose free to sugar free to the whole fat premium, the contest to make the most interest sundae was on!
Antarctic Mike mocks this ice cream's above freezing temperature.
Rodger and his alter ego.
Jennifer's baby makes her debut.  She rarely cried and even when she did, we saluted her vocal variety and projection capability.
Milo, Joni, and Debbie enjoy the sugar coma.



    Brian Tracy laughs at an old memorable moment during his "Inside the Speaker's Studio" interview.
  NSA President Rodger Price appears to be learning something from Brian.
SD Chapter member Joni Wilson kicks off the Western Regional conference in Hollywood with a song.
NSA national president Scott Friedman thanks Western Workshop chairpersons Colette Carlson (of San Diego) and Terri Sjordin (of Los Angeles)
SD Chapter member Sheryl Roush poses at the Hollywood Western Workshop with acclaimed author John Gray (Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus)
Feb 2005 ISES Meeting finds three presidents comparing notes:

Rodger Price of NSA,
Michael Patton of SD HSMAI, and
Tom Anderson of SD MPI


Milo Shapiro, Carolyn Gross and  Rodger Price at the 2004 Hospitality Industry Holiday Party. 


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