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  Connecting NSA-SD for a sparkling new 2022!

      Plus a little demo of Fastkeys,
     the text replacement software that can save you endless typing and typos!

 50 Happy New Year 2022 Wishes


Wednesday, Jan 05, 2022


4 pm to...maybe 5:30 pm?
Depends how many come and how much people want to chat...it's somewhat casual.


Zoom details upon registration

Open to…: 

This event is primarily created for members of the National NSA in the San Diego area, but we welcome:

1)  Any active member of NSA National
2)  Any professional speaker near San Diego who is considering NSA membership
3)  Past NSA-SAN DIEGO members who'd like to catch up


Anything from a suit to pajamas are welcome. 
We deserve at least that luxury during COVID times!


As we do need to offset some of our operating expenses, we’re asking for a donation between $1 and $20.  If you can give on the higher end, please do.  If money is really tight right now, then please just come as our guest; having our speaker community together is more important! 

Remember: We're the only chapter that doesn't charge dues, so please click donate below if you can.



This program will have three distinct parts to it.

1)  After welcomes, Milo Shapiro will lead a go-around where everyone has a set-timed chance to share briefly on any or all of the following:

  • who they are and what their speaking area is

  • how long speaking (and how long in NSA)

  • what's been going on for them in the last year and/or lately

  • what their thoughts are on the next year for them

  • a challenge in marketing themselves as a speaker, either in general or in COVID-precautions-du-jour period

Please be punctual as it is considerate to hear others in attendance if you'll be having your turn.

2)  Milo will do an informal presentation on FastKeys, one of his favorite tools that he cannot imagine life without. Simple in design, easy to learn, and useful for everyone (note:  FastKeys is a Windows product, but the concepts he describes are applicable to three Apple equivalent products that he'll discuss as well).

3)  After that, we'll go into open discussion for those who would like to stay and just enjoy visiting with others here in the speaker world.

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At this time, there are no other programs scheduled for NSA-San Diego members. Check back here for updates and watch your email for notices.


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   To become a full member of our chapter, you need to first join the

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