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How to further your speaker learning if you don't yet qualify to join NSA/SD

Participate occasionally with NSA/San Diego members:

  • Our non-member mailing list.  If you’re not ready for NSA membership (but aspire to be), click here  and we’ll keep you posted on the subset of our events which are open to the public.  There is no cost to be on the non-member mailing list. 
  • NSA/SD Speaker School.  About once a year, when schedules permit, NSA-SD offers a one or two day crash course in the world of public speaking.  By joining the non-member mailing list, you'll be notified the next time this is offered.

NSA offerings anyone can utilize that are run by other NSA areas:

  • Academy for Professional Speaking.  NSA/SD's parent organization, the NSA itself, offers education for non-members through its Academy for Professional Speaking.  Click for information on this program. 
  • "Speaker' magazine Subscribe to this NSA must-read, which is now available to non-members.
  • GLAC.  The Greater Los Angeles Chapter of NSA is structured differently than San Diego's and offers more educational programs that are open to aspiring speakers.  Learn about our not-so-far-away sister chapter at and their aspiring speaker program called Pro Speak Academy.

Other speaking training in San Diego County...beyond NSA:

  • Toastmasters.  If you generally want to improve your speaking abilities, rather than working on a specific speaking goal, a great way to do this over time is by joining one of the hundreds of chapters of Toastmasters International.  There, you'll practice speaking lessons and receive feedback from fellow chapter members.  Literally millions of people internationally have grown with the Toastmaster program.

  • Speaking coaches.  If you have specific issues you'd like to work on or a distinct program that you
    need one-on-one attention for, a speaking coach might be the quickest means to your goal.  You can
    search your favorite search engine for a speaking coach in your city or write to us and we'll let you know which of our members are also speaking coaches.




Last updated: 06/03/04

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