President's Manifesto


Welcome to NSA San Diego.  First – The good news: We are not the typical NSA chapter.  Second – The even better news: We are not the typical NSA chapter.

We focus on two aspects only: Education and community for professional speakers. We are here to provide you with top notch educational opportunities designed for you, the PROFESSIONAL speaker.  And we are here to connect you with your fellow NSA members.

We like doing things simply. We like having fun.  How cool is that?

The result:

We are the only chapter in NSA that does not charge chapter dues.  Most chapters charge $100-$200 a year, in addition to monthly meeting fees.

How do we do it?

First, we utilize professional speakers who are already traveling to our locale and we tap into our local experts (San Diego is rich in speaker experience).  When we don’t have to pay for travel expenses, we’re able to pass that savings along to you.

Second, our meetings are smaller and more intimate than many other chapters. This is because our numbers are not inflated by people thinking about becoming speakers.  Our chapter is made up of folks who are speaking professionally.

We, typically, do not hold our meetings in hotels.  As professional speakers, we spend lots of time, already, in hotel conference rooms.  We need to get out of that office.

Instead, we hold meetings in friendly, informal settings like local libraries, speakers’ homes, and speakers’ offices.  This allows us to be more flexible and cut our expenses drastically.  We are not locked into hotel contracts for specific days and times.  With our model, we’re able to meet during the week or on weekends, days, or evenings.

How do you qualify?

If you are a member of The National Speakers Association and you live in San Diego County (or selected portions of Orange, Imperial or Riverside Counties), you are automatically a member of our chapter.

That’s it.  No dues, no hoops to jump through, and no red tape.

If you’re not a member of NSA National (but aspire to be),
go to:

Also, join our email list at: http://www.nsasd.org/contactus/add-to-our-list/Non-member-email-list.htm.  We’ll keep you posted on events open to the public.

If you don’t yet meet National’s requirements, another way to be a member of the chapter is to join NSA's Academy for Professional Speaking.  Once you’re a member of the Academy, you will also qualify for chapter membership.

If you’re a professional speaker; if you’re ready to learn and to share your expertise; if you’re ready to laugh and have fun — then we hope to see you at our next meeting.  Join us! 

At your service,


Jeff Rendel
NSA/SD President, 2012 – 2013 jeff "@" jeffrendel.com
(951) 310-7275


Last updated: 06/03/04

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