Team Building for San Diego (and beyond) with IMPROVISATION

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 Team Building for San Diego (and beyond) with IMPROVISATION


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Improvisation is more than just fun!

Let the lessons of participating in an improv-based teambuilding event
both entertain you and enhance your group's teamwork long afterward!!

  IMPROVE COMMUNICATION!  Improv teaches us to listen carefully,
         build upon the ideas of others, and recognize body language clues.

  TEAM BUILDING!  Let down those self-imposed barriers of status and longevity. 
         For today, we're all in the same boat doing something new, exciting, and cooperative.

  PROBLEM SOLVING After we burst the sides of the "box", our newly expanded
         comfort zone allows for new possibilities.

  BOOST SALES!  Teamwork goes beyond our co-workers; it's in the relationships we develop
         with clientele.  Learn to read them and find the creative solutions that work for both of you.

To learn more and see video of this program,
enter the TEAMprovising menu
of our company, IMPROVentures

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San Diego Team Building with improv games:  Milo has been performing and teaching improv games since 1990 and has a great program of team
building work that improves communication and teamwork while everyone has lots of fun!  Based in San Diego, but travel is always possible.


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