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NSA (National Speakers Association)

San Diego Members Group


    About NSA: 

  • Be a better speaker. Build a better business. That's what NSA is about.

  • Most professional speakers struggle to turn their expertise into a highly-profitable and scalable business. That's because the speaking business is completely unique.

  • For nearly 50 years, the National Speakers Association (NSA) has helped tens of thousands of speakers propel their business by answering these questions through professional development and unparalleled community

  • NSA brings the world’s leading speakers together, curate content, and negotiate services that transform your speaking craft and business.

   About the history of the former NSA San Diego chapter: 

  • For many, many years, NSA-San Diego was the local chapter of the nationwide NSA organization but, despite a strong history and many members in San Diego county, the chapter hit a time in the mid 2010s when our busy members weren't stepping up to leadership to keep solid programming going in our city.

  • In 2023, recognizing both this struggle and the talent/interest in San Diego county, NSA-LA rebranded itself as NSA-SoCal to make San Diegans feel welcome and included in their excellent chapter.  NSA-SoCal, with its on-going strong programs, is a powerful asset in making speakers and speaker businesses great.

  • Accordingly, the San Diego Chapter came to an end and is now simply the San Diego Members Group, doing occasional social and business connecting for members who are  interested in making friends and alliances with other NSA members in San Diego. 

  • The San Diego Members Group encourages those interested in learning more about the profession of speaking to join National Speakers Association and, if a resident of SoCal, to look into the excellent programming of NSA-SoCal.

  About NSA-SoCal: 

  • NSA SoCal is the professional association for individuals who use the spoken word to influence others. Events are held in Los Angeles and Orange County to empower SoCal speakers to connect and grow.

  • Current members include past national presidents of NSA-SoCal, Hall of Fame speakers, Cavett Award Winners, a Golden Gavel Award recipient, best selling authors, producers, celebrity speakers and other high-quality speakers that want to share secrets to help empower your speaking career.

  • If you are an NSA member residing in southern California, you’ll want to join the chapter to connect with your local peers.

  • If you aspire to become a professional speaker, NSA SoCal’s professional speaking school, NSA SoCal Speakers Academy, is a leading national program. NSA SoCal Speakers Academy will shorten your learning curve and provide you the foundation to propel your career as a professional speaker.

  • Click to learn more about NSA-SoCal!